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Growth of any kind is a good thing

Last week the work started to be evident with the planned construction of a new facility downtown. I know that there have been some controversial ... Read more

Looking Back: 30 Years ago

Thirty years ago, in 1990, life went on although most of us had our minds on the small country of Kuwait and what was happening ... Read more

Debates are just a different circus

Like most of the country, I watched the presidential debate last week. And, also like much of the country, my mind didn’t get changed at ... Read more

We live in the best community

When our people get knocked down, they get back up again – and they help their neighbors get back up, too. Last week Hurricane Sally ... Read more

It could have been worse

I was just like most of your for most of last week. No power, no phone, no internet, no way to go anywhere. Since I ... Read more

Remembering is easy every September 11th

In just a few days, we will recognize the awful thing that happened in our country 19 years ago. Wow, 19 years. Most days I ... Read more

30 year scope: Brewton as it was

Thirty years ago, in 1990, members of the Brewton Nutrition Center made old-fashioned bonnets to sell at the Blueberry Festival. Peggy Bracken was photographed with ... Read more

Old photographs share stories of old

Old photographs are true treasures. A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to rummage through my grandparents’ home. Uncovering an old cedar chest, ... Read more

Letter to the editor; Nov. 20

To the Editor, Eighty-two percent of Alabama’s counties are rural, and we can all agree that Escambia County, Alabama, falls into this category. In our ... Read more

Lydia’s Looking Back

Thirty years ago, in 1989… •There was an announcement that Judy Bond was expanding. It was to employ 50 new workers making a total of ... Read more

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